Now. More
than ever.

Now. More
than ever.

Women shine. WICT's mission is to create women leaders who transform our industry. With nearly 40 years of success and now over 10,500 members strong, WICT is a global organization positioned at the center of the media landscape.

WICT provides the most powerful B2B network in the industry, an unparalleled suite of educational programs and services, and we commission original gender research to help advance women in cable media. We partner with cable and technology companies to help build a more robust pipeline of women leaders.

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How WICT Helps You Shine

Build local connections by attending a chapter event in your area.

The WICT website can help you connect to your local chapter. With a solid foundation of 24 robust chapters and counting, a local resource is never too far away.

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WICT Chapters:

  • Carolinas (North and South)
  • Europe
  • Florida
  • Great Lakes (Michigan & Indiana)
  • Greater Chicago (and Wisconsin)
  • Greater Ohio
  • Greater Memphis-Jackson
  • Greater Philadelphia (Southeast PA)
  • Greater Pittsburgh (Western PA)
  • Greater Texas
  • Heartland (Kansas, Oklahoma & parts of Nebraska)
  • Latin America (Mexico City)
  • Midwest (Minnesota, Iowa, Missouri, South Dakota & Wisconsin)
  • New England
  • New York
  • Northern California
  • Pacific Northwest
  • Rocky Mountain
  • Southeast
  • Southern California
  • Southwest (Arizona, Nevada)
  • United Kingdom (London)
  • Virginia
  • Washington DC/Baltimore

No matter where you are in your career, WICT helps you attain your goals through our specialized leadership development programs, tiered to suit your level of industry experience.


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WICT’s membership categories are designed to meet your needs based on where you are in your career.

Executive $299/yr.

Members are typically senior management professionals in director-level and higher positions. Benefits include: At the global level, Executive Members are offered exclusive access to a distance-learning program that takes the form of webinars designed expressly for high-level executives. Locally, chapters hold various live and electronic programs just for executive members. Also at the local level, these members may vote in chapter elections and can hold chapter board positions.*

Regular $195/yr.

Members generally hold mid-level or supervisory positions. Benefits include: Value-added free webinars, mid-level level programs and targeted messaging geared toward your career level, and more. At the local level, these members may vote in chapter elections and can hold chapter board positions.*

Entry $85/yr.

Members occupy non-salaried (hourly) positions with no supervisory or direct budgetary responsibilities and less than two years' experience in any facet of the cable telecommunications industry. After two years at this level, Entry Level members will be automatically upgraded to Regular Level. Benefits include: Value-added free webinars, entry-level programs and targeted messaging geared toward your career level. At the local level, these members are not eligible to vote in chapter elections and cannot serve on the chapter board.

Student $35/yr.

Members are full-time students currently earning 6 credit hours at graduate level or 12 credit hours at undergraduate level. Students are required to provide current proof of enrollment along with expected year of graduation. Student membership can be renewed for a maximum of 4 years at this level. After 4 years, students are automatically upgraded to Entry Level. Benefits include: The same benefits as entry-level members, with the added value of opportunities to network and build relationships for future opportunities, student mentoring programs through the local chapters, and more. Student members are not eligible to vote in chapter elections and cannot serve on the chapter board.

* Voting membership levels are important in selecting WICT chapter volunteer leaders and required for serving as a WICT chapter volunteer leader.

WICT’S Touchstones of Leadership

What drives us? YOU! WICT is dedicated to building strong leaders who light the way for others and create a lasting legacy of diversity and inclusion. Our members embody the WICT Touchstones of Leadership, which form the foundation for all of WICT's initiatives. They serve as our compass along the path of strategic and effective leadership development.